Hi I'm Suresh 👋 🚀

In my spare time I'm a hobby developer and amateur self-taught coder. In my day job I'm a Doctor, and I also run a successful Podcast and YouTube channel.

I'm currently developing my skills with SVG IconNext.js, SVG IconReact and SVG IconMDX.

My passion is to create beautiful sites that have optimal UI/UX and that's why I decided to learn to code for myself. I was tired of boring, hard to use or complicated website templates that clearly weren't meant for beginners.

You will notice that this site is inspired by Lee Robinson from SVG IconVercel, but I have built this site from the ground up by myself. I haven't even taken a sneak peak at this code. I did this so I can learn for myself.

The site is built with SVG IconNext.js and is currently hosted through SVG IconVercel though that may change in the future.

It is currently styled through SVG IconTailwind CSS, uses the Vercel CDN and utilises Next/Image for image optomisation.

You can read more about the plans for this website here.


I create web apps, website templates, landing pages and progressive web apps. My goal is to offer as much as possible for free but the fully fledged templates can be purchased and modified for your own use (not for resale).

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