Making this website and my future plans for it

Originally published: 5 January 2024

Last updated: 8 January 2024

Why I made this site and what I plan to do with it


The Ongoing Journey of My Personal Dev Website

For a while now I’ve wanted to create a personal website to share my work, document my learning as a software engineer, and have a platform to write about my coding projects.

After thinking through different options, I finally decided to just dive in and start building it using SVG IconNext.js and SVG IconVercel.

While the site is still a work in progress, I’m excited to share more about the experience so far and where I hope to take it next. There’s always room for improvement but overall I’m really happy with how things are shaping up.

Motivations Behind the Project

I had a few key motivations that prompted me to finally build this site:

So in summary, having an online presence with a custom domain felt like an important next step for me professionally while also providing a good learning opportunity.

Choosing the Right Tech Stack

After deciding to move forward with the project, I evaluated different options for the technologies to build it with.

A few key criteria I considered were:

With those priorities in mind, I settled on using SVG IconNext.js for the SVG IconReact framework along with SVG IconVercel for hosting and serverless functions.

Next.js really fits the bill with its flexible pages model, built-in support for SSG and SSR, and easy deployment. And SVG IconVercel has been a breeze to use with its zero-config setup.

I was using modular CSS sheets, the standard with SVG IconNext.js and SVG IconReact, but I wanted to trial a shift over to SVG IconTailwind CSS And Firebase for a simple database to store things like blog post view counts.

Overall I’m really happy with the stack and it’s been fast and productive to work with. The simplicity has made the ongoing development smooth.

Developing the Site Page-by-Page

Once I had the core foundations in place, I began developing the site page-by-page and component-by-component.

I took an incremental approach focused on getting one piece working end-to-end before moving on to build up additional pages and features.

Some of the main steps along the way included:

I find that methodical approach of gradually constructing different parts of the site to be really helpful. It allows me to maintain focus and gain confidence that each piece works before moving on.

The site definitely still needs more content and functionality built out. But the core structure is shaping up nicely.

Ongoing Roadmap of Enhancements

Even though the initial phases of development are going well, there’s still a long roadmap of enhancements I’m excited to add:

So many great possibilities! My goal is to chip away at the roadmap piece by piece in my free time.

Key Takeaways So Far

While I’m still learning, this experience creating my own site from scratch has already taught me a tremendous amount:

I’m extremely grateful for all these lessons and more on my web development journey so far.

And perhaps most importantly - the reminder that the work is never truly finished. There are always new features to build, performance gains to be made, and improvements to be explored. The incremental progress is what makes it such a fulfilling process.

Website Development Roadmap

1. Site Launch

2. Transition to Tailwind CSS

3. Contact Element

4. Template for Sale

5. Code Refactoring with Astro

6. Content Delivery Network (CDN) Testing

Looking Ahead

I’m excited to keep enhancing my site in the weeks and months to come. I have some great ideas listed in the roadmap that I’ll continue working through.

But more than any single feature, what I’m most looking forward to is developing my abilities as a web builder. Learning new skills, solving interesting problems, and getting better each day.

Building this site from the ground up has already expanded my knowledge so much. And this is only the beginning. The next level is within reach if I keep pushing myself to learn.

I don’t know exactly where things will lead with my personal site. But the journey of creating it has been incredibly rewarding so far. I can’t wait to see how much more capable I’ll become along the way.

The web is an endless canvas of possibilities. I’m grateful I get to bring my own little corner of it to life.

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